Today started out normal,well as normal as a day can, as a mom of 5. It’s my SO day off today, it’s was suppose to be a relaxing family day. We rented some new movies, we brought our bed out to the living room, and got a bunch of junk food. We call this “Fat Sunday.” I was trying to enjoy the day, and relax, which comes very hard for me. I got up to get something and stepped in dog poop, ugh! Ok no big deal shit happens sometimes. Go into the bathroom and bam it’s dirty, clean my foot off and go to my room to catch my breath….I can’t… I start crying…..screaming….Shower….finally I feel like I can breath. This is just what one of my many anxiety attacks look like. As I was sitting here I know my triggers, but I don’t have a place to vent, let things off my chest. My randomness brought me back to this blog, this I will use as my outlet. 3 years later things have changed, I’ve lost , gained, and am trying to reconnect with the world around me. This has been a very trying year for me. Things are turning around, but I still feel lost and alone. This all while being off work for the summer. Being a stay at home mom, even for the summer has presented as one of my biggest and greatest challenges. So long story short, I’m back!
I don’t know what direction this blog will head, but I can promise randomness and sarcasm.


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