Too Cool Tuesday!

Yup its Tuesday again which means its my random post day! So here are 10 more of my favorite randoms I have come a crossed on the web.

1. This is a super cute and very fitting maternity shirt. I wish I found this when I was still pregnant. This is how I felt daily.

2. Soup Holder. Super cool right. It will defiantly help keep my stove top just a little cleaner.

3. Lego walls! I think I could have just as much fun with this as the kids.

4. This is a lamp with glow in the dark balls. This would make for a super cool night-light. Its even mobile for the kids if they have to use the bathroom at night.

5. Bracelet Key! This is genius. As a person who does many outdoor activities I constantly find myself trying to figure out where to put my keys. This keeps it cute and simple.

6. This is a super cool idea I had many years ago but no money to do it. You put the small disk/ chip on anything you want. You lose it, you can use the app to find it with the locator app! YES AWESOME! I defiantly could use this on a daily basics…..wonder if it would help locate my mind……….

7. Super cute baby shower gift. If your anything like me, you try constantly to find a super cute, but original gift. Well here you have it.

8. This is a super cute wall hanger buddy. Super easy to make and strong enough to hold many different things.

9. Once again HOW AWESOME!!! I love super heroes! This is a pretty sweet nursery idea!

10. A portable high chair. This is perfect for camping or just being out doors with your little one. This would be much easier to work with then a regular high chair.

So that is this weeks Too Cool Tuesday post 😀

Is there a certain category you would like to see more from? Would be awesome to hear for feed back and let me know what you guys are more interested in!


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