I know I have been hiding……

I Disappeared and spent sometime with my family, but now i’m back and ill put day 10 thru 14 in this one post. So here is goes………………..

Day 10: What was the hardest thing you gave up during this “weight loss”

I would have to say JUNK FOOD!! I love it. Not so much the food just what i’m doing while I eat it. We have family movie nights that consisted of not so healthy eating 

Day 11: Your favorite thinspo blog and why?

I haven’t been blogging very long so I don’t have a favorite right now.

Day 12 : What do you normally eat?

I guess I eat a lot of comfort foods. Its one of my families favorite kids of foods, and I cook them pretty well so. I still eat this but not in the portions I was eating before.

Day 13: Are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way?

I am losing weight in a healthy way, with a balanced diet and exercise.

Day 14: What is your UGW? When do  you expect to reach it?

My weight loss goal is 155. I am hoping to hit in by June 1.

Squat challenge was also completed.

Day 10 :105

Day 11: 110

Day 12; rest day

Day 13: 130

Day 14: 135



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