Too cool Tuesday!

I am the queen of randomness. For whatever reason, I find some of the coolest things on the internet. Here are my top favorite I have found so far.

How awesome are these chairs I would sit in them all day long!

THIS IS MY KINDA CHAIR……as long as the wine glass is included 😉


I Thought this was an awesome way to use old spoons and hang plants.

This my friends is a race track painted with magnetic paint and the cars have magnets on the bottom of them. Cool right??!?!?!

Glow in the dark bowling pins. This is a perfect summer party game.

I would also love one of these for my patio.

Super cute decoration for all those lost socks.

Here is a fun awesome idea for all us mommas out there. Clean and as mess free as possible for bubbles right 😉

This is by far one of my favorite finds this belongs in my kitchen! It would sure make life that much easier.

This will be a on going post. I will try and post weekly so check back for more awesome fun ideas.


2 thoughts on “Too cool Tuesday!

  1. I’ve been meaning to make that spoon DIY for ages, and never do! And those batman ice cube trays? Um, yeah, I’ll have 10 of those, please. Love random posts like these!

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