Sweat is fat crying……

Day 8 of April Challenge : What is your work out routine?

My work out routine is different every time I do it? I haven’t finished my complete work out because I HATE MORNINGS so I tend to work out after the kids are in bed at night after I get off work. But it works for me. Here is the work out I have planned for the night:

 burpees with a jumping jack after each

push ups


fire hydrant leg lift

donkey kicks

straight leg lift

circle leg lift

leg lift crunches

hand to feet crunches

backward crunches


oblique raisers

pelvic lift

bicycle crunches

sumo squats

side lunge 

An of course I also did a morning run.

day 8 on the squat challenge is a day of rest! thank goodness legs couldn’t take much more 😀


3 thoughts on “Sweat is fat crying……

  1. Girl you just out did me!!! You working like I did last summer while I do the bare minimum!! Time to kick my butt into gear or I’m going to to be left behind! Eeek :/

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