Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by my number one girl over at Kelsnation. Head over there and check her out. This is the first time I have run across this award as a I am a very new blogger 😀 New as in about 2 weeks new. Thanks for the nominations Miss Kellynns


The recipient must post 11 fun facts about themselves

The recipient must also answer 11 questions created by the award giver

The recipient must give the award to 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers and post 11 questions for them to answer

These 11 bloggers must be told they have been given the award

They will in turn pass the award on to 11 new bloggers of their choice (no tagging back the award giver)


11 Random Facts about ME!

1. I am with my high school sweetheart ❤ 11 years and counting ❤

2. I played ice hockey for 10 years before getting pregnant at 19 with my oldest.


4. I love summer and completely I mean completely HATE winter!

5. I love cooking 😀

6. One of the biggest daddies girls you will ever meet.

7. I love my Jeep, even with 3 little monsters you will never catch me in a mini-van. (not by choice)

8. I have 3 crazy fur babies. I would own many more i’m and animal lover!

9. I wear little to no make-up and i’m ok with that.

10. I love watching movies curled up on the couch. 😀

11.Is a jeans & t-shirt kinda girl who cant live without her flip flops, wears her heart on her sleeve, drives too fast and has daily”dory” moments.


My questions from kellynns
1. What’s your favorite meal time?

Dinner but I love breakfast foods just don’t want to get up early to cook it.
2. What word or phrase do you use the most often?

hmmmmm….. I would have to say I say lame a lot.

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse.

4. What’s your favorite number and why?

I don’t have a favorite number

5. Do you have kids or want kids and if so how many?

I have little monsters….I mean beautiful angels 😉 maybe more later……

6. Do you like dawn or dusk better? Why?

dusk love watching the sun set after a long day.

7. Are you country or city?

I am most defiantly a country girl!

8. Are you a driver or a passenger in a vehicle?

I much rather drive

9. What’s your favorite book?

hmmm I dont have just one favorite

10. What is your favorite color?

11. How long have you been blogging?

2 weeks maybe


My nominations are :

1.  writingsofamrs

2.  Broken Condoms

3.  Girls Just Wanna Be Healthy!

4.  mummies midnight memoirs Blog

5.  Let’s Talk!

6.  Joy, Lovely Joy

7. The Dissocial Mom

8. jenwivthefur’s Blog

9. schmidty_makeup

10.At this Side of the Rainbow

11. Redtwiz

Your questions are :

1. If you could live in any city where would it be?

2. What would be your favorite vacation destination?

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?

4. What is your favorite internet website?

5. Do you have a favorite restaurant or food?

6. Who is your celebrate idol

7. If you had a whole day to do anything you wanted what would you do?

8. How would you rather travel?

9. What is your biggest fear?

10. What is your favorite sport?

11. If you were given the keys to any car what would you want them to be?




13 thoughts on “Liebster Award

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  3. Thanks for the nomination, but how does it work? I just answer these questions, re post and nominate more? sorry but only been blogging properly for a little while. Love the bat man cake tin by the way on your other post. 🙂

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