Day 2 of April challenges

Day 2 How tall are you? Do you like your height?

Like I said yesterday I am 5’10, I consider this to be pretty tall. I use to be very awkward as a kid, because I was always so much taller then everyone else. I have become ok with being tall. Being tall still has disadvantages such as finding pants that fit. UGH! 

I worked out twice today (technically only once but i’m counting it!) I cleaned my house, played Just Dance with my kids, and washed my 3 dogs( kind of felt like wrestling at some points). I also had an actual work out were I included today’s squat challenge of 55 squats. So all in all was a good day of working out and eating right 2 days down 28 to go 😀 Come link up and join in on the fun!


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