Shhhhh I’m hiding

I work 2 jobs, but it’s kind of nice that between the 2 jobs I still get a three day weekend……days off as some of you would call that……yah right! Could some one kindly explain what exactly a day off is. I have been sitting here for less then 5 minutes and my children have asked for  something twice. Some days I feel like this crazy zoo I call a house is more work then being at work. It’s actually more of a day off at work, then being home with my kids. So here it’s is I have to give a huge shot out to all the stay at home moms! I personally could never do it…..DON’T GET ME WRONG I LOVE MY KIDS, but I need a break. The way I see it I appreciate them so much more because I don’t see them ever minute of everyday. Don’t get me wrong at times I feel guilty because I don’t give them enough of my time. But in reality if I’m not at work I am in fact at home with my kids,and not just with them, I’m interacting. We spend all weekend crafting, baking, and straight up making a mess.


They know I love them and that’s all that matters :)……..but it’s time to get back to cleaning cuz this mess is going to clean itself.


If you don’t hear from me soon please send a rescue team. 😉


2 thoughts on “Shhhhh I’m hiding

  1. Even licking the beaters clean she is SASSY! Don’t worry too much about the mess it just toys, that means your kids are blessed and having fun. They are little for only so long 😀

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