We use to want it all, but now we just want to pee alone.

My alarm goes off, my hubby takes this as , “YAY, it’s now that safe time to go upstair and be the crazy over energetic crazy that i am.” ( ok my words not his)  I am not a morning person at all. UGH! and he is DOUBLE UGH!…..Now that I am “up,” I start to get ready for work. With in minutes my oldest is awake getting ready for school. (She is 6 going on 16 and a miss know it all. ) Then my youngest pops his head up and greets me with a grin and a squeal. Last but not least my middle child, wakes up with a smile and plops down on the toilet while I do the routine. (hair, make up, etc) Slowly but surely each and everyone of them is in the bathroom or in the doorway watching me,(didn’t think it was that interesting) as if the whole house stops till i’m ready to face the day. Finally finish everything, with coffee in hand, I put on my cape and was off to save the world, OK maybe not the world but defiantly my world. ❤

I remember at one time, this routine was much faster and even less exciting or interesting. But I rather wake up this way any day, they are only little for so long, I want to enjoy every minute i can with them, but it would still be nice to be able to pee alone……….


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