Getting my sexy back

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I just had a baby 9 months ago, My bestie and I decided we were going to be each others support system and we are gonna “get our sexy back” I love my children all 3 of them, but not so much what they have done to my body. Some days are harder then others with the confidence level. I am not the 145 I was in high school nor would I like to be at that weight again. I would be happy at 155 or 160 that’s 15 pounds! I was very motivated at first got up every morning worked out and counted my calories. I got the flu and lost all motivation. So I’m trying to get on the wagon again, the purpose of this post is to get more motivation to reach my goal. They are not unrealistic, but I need that extra push to get there.

Goals are :

Start running

Run a half marathon

Lose that 15 pounds

Be healthy

Eat right

So here it goes ready……set…..go!

Go check out her Sexy back blog post 😀


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